What we do

MatkosPharm’s sales channels include private and public sector.

In terms of the public sector, MatkosPharm has been able to provide medical and pharmaceutical goods to municipality hospitals and public local clinics as well as for state medical hospitals and university.

As such, MatkosPharm plans to continue to be part of the public sector tenders meanwhile setting partnerships with pharmaceutical foreign producers.

1. Demand Evaluation - In close connection with the end user, respectively, pharmaceutical stores and clinics and dentistry, MatkosPharm regularly collects information regarding the demand for new products, brands and solution that best fit the need for the market. As such, MatkosPharm is in line with all developments of demand for products and equipment in this industry.

2. Import - Dedicated to providing all the necessary products for pharmaceutical stores, clinics and dentistry, MatkosPharm develops close relationships with foreign producers and imports products and equipment for the ease of accesses for all pharmaceutical stores, clinics and dentistry operating in the territory of Kosovo. It is important to mention that, MatkosPharm has a state-of-the-art Depository that serves as storage of all products and equipment.

3. Promotion - MatkosPharm is a great promotor of goods and services provided to the market. Consistent with market developments and trends, MatkosPharm promotes products through its Marketing and Sales Agents in each pharmaceutical store, clinic and dentistry that operates within the territory of Kosovo. Promotion, as part of the development strategy, has enabled the company to increase its market share while at the same time increase the reputation of the manufacturing brands for products provided to the industry.

4. Costumer Service - As part of our mission, MatkosPharm is dedicated to gain the respect and loyalty of the customer by constantly offering the highest service quality and value while utilizing growth opportunities based on our strengths and competencies. MatkosPharm’s marketing and sales agents always demonstrate willingness and desire to work, to raise results by fulfilling our responsibilities to the community we do business with.

5. Network – Throughout the previous years, MatkosPharm has established a network and great direct communications with more than 500 pharmaceutical stores, clinics and dentistry operating in Kosovo. Today, we are the place to call whenever they are in need for any pharmaceutical products, dental products or equipment. This has enabled a steady growth of the company that is built in trust and mutual business respect.

6. Selling – MatkosPharm’s principle function as a distributor is making it convenient for customers to purchase, while we most deliberately provide that with the highest costumer care. Our range of products offers a range of prices that best fit the varieties of market needs and as such enables the company to cover the whole market. Increased market coverage ensures that customers can purchase products whenever they need them.